Need a Local Data Base Server in EPIC

Hi All,

Can we install the MySQL Server in EPIC? Which version of MySQL is suitable for the EPIC?

Sqlite3 is already installed. Would that work for you?

That’s an interesting tidbit.

Groov, uses Sqlite so EPIC would need it for that. Can the user have direct access to it (Node-RED?) without signing their life away for shell access?

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Yes. Node-RED can access it.

it’s great the Sqlite3 is already installed in EPIC!
How about the user name and password of the root or admin?
Has any document in EPIC?

Has any Sqlite3 GUI manager in EPIC?

Whoa, opened the flood gates here… :grinning:

No user pass, its wide open. (As I recall, could be wrong, but…)
No, no docs because we don’t support it. Its like shell access, you use it, and break it, don’t call support, reset to factory and if it all works Ok, then it was your code that broke it. aka, we cant and don’t support your code.
Ask in the forums, but that’s it.

No, there is no GUI for admin’ing it, its all command line. (Yum).

Thanks Beno. We know Opto 22 don’t support the shell access.
May somebody has this experience can teach us.

Firefox Addons SQLite Manager…