Modbus TCp Slave Codesys in EPIC/RIO

has anyone had any luck in using the Codesys runtime modbus slave with an EPIC or RIO? I have a running project with declared variables at addresses but i can’t seem to get the register values in or out. I have disabled the MMAP so that doesnt interfere but it didnt seem to make a difference. I saw something around port 8502 but that isnt an option in most control scenarios so i need a way to get port 502 working with the codesys addressing on modbus.


Hi Daniel. Welcome to the Opto22 Forums! (Love your chosen username!!)

Did you see this post?

The fun part will be, and @greichert might have some ideas, how to skip the Node-RED part and or blend the Node-RED port trick with Codesys to make port 502 an option.