Modbus settings in Groov View


I have a Yokogawa controller (YS-1700) connected to Groov-AR1 using modbus TCP/IP. Some of the tags are using DWord. I don’t understand how do I configure that in Groov view?

The values are showing in groov View but I couldn’t send write to the tags, it’ll turn error everytime i try to key in new value. I suppose it is read-only for now although I’ve chosen the Read/Write access. I’ve also select Double as data type, enable function code 6, 22 and 5 is still same…

Can help me on this?

I’ve a project which previously created using Indusoft.Below are the holding registers I used in Indusoft project and it worked:

If you can read the values, and they are correct, you are pretty close. What data type are you using when they look correct? I looked at the manual for that controller and it sucks, doesn’t say anything about data types (float, integer, etc).

Are you sure the controller allows writes to the registers you are looking at?

I’ve tried data type 16 bit signed integer and then scaled to data type float, I’ve also tried double data type. I can read the values, but I could not write the values.

As mentioned previously, I’ve done the project using Indusoft and used the registers in pictures above. All read and writes are functioning absolutely well. Now, I want to develop the same project but using groov. I believe the holding registers should be the same anyway, but how do I configure the (say DW:13) holding registers? For this controller, I see that 4X is read-only, and for write function need to use DW.

I don’t know the difference if I want to put in the HR in groov view. For now, i only write it as 400013, 400015, 400403 etc…

DW isn’t a modbus term, but it most likely refers to “double word” which would be two consecutive modbus registers. I would suspect that it would be a 32 bit integer. I would try a 32 bit signed int configured for big endian.

The documentation for your controller doesn’t say any of that important controller specific information so you just have to try it and see what works.

If you can read it okay and the values returned are actually correct, then you should be good on the configuration although that doesn’t explain the write failures. You may want to check the groov log when you try to perform a write and see what it says.