Internet transfer from Groov Epic to PC

Currently we have a groov epic and pc connected through ethernet cable (eth0). Our pc has another ethernet cable carrying internet to the pc.

Is there a way to use eth1 on groov epic to get internet carrying ethernet cable (Allowing internet transfer from eth1 to eth0) and eliminate the one on the pc (So I can have our own closed network).

You can connect the Epic to the internet on eth1. Then use eth0 for the control side.
Not sure what you mean by, or what you are trying to accomplish by
“(Allowing internet transfer from eth1 to eth0)”

We connected pc to eth0. Will this eth0 cable able to transfer internet to pc. By bridging eth1 and eth0.

While the EPIC does have a port redirect feature that you may explore, if I am reading your original post correctly, it sounds like you are wanting to use the EPIC as a two port switch (like what the groov RIO has), the better way to connect your network is like this:

A 4 or 5 port switch will be very inexpensive and do exactly what you are looking to connect.

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Option 1: which you recommended

Having one network switch and getting all pc and controllers connected to.

Option 2: Our idea

Have one epic controller as bridge between internet and other devices. So we can have a closed network with our own ip addresses. Eth1 can ip address of clients network and eth0 can have our ip address. Is there any possibility of implementing this configuration?

Feel free to test out the port redirect feature in groov Manage. With a bit of tweaking, you might just get what you are looking for.

Thinking about this overnight, “the Internet” uses a lot of ports, many of them lower than 1024, so you will need shell to pull this off.

Hard time figuring out the parameters for the port redirect. If I want my internet to be port forwarding from eth1 to eth0 then the external interface would be eth1 and redirect interface would be eth1. While I need shell to know the external port? then redirect port would be 80 or 443? This is completely new i am learning out. As i didn’t find any good document on clear explanantion in this.

Here is a nice Blog Post about port redirect setup on EPIC:

Tried my best on this. Failed sucessfully in setting up the port redirect for eth1. We got a huge project from a customer as we ordered 9 groov epic with 13 rio controllers. All will be going to be on same networking. If i need to connect all the controllers then i should have seperate ethernet cable coming out of each controller to network switch of client to get the internet? is this even feasible?

The EPIC and RIO’s are just Linux computers, you should plan your network accordingly.

Here are some helpful docs:

Naren - Can you definite or clarify what you mean by “transfer internet to PC”? As @Norm_Freeman1 said, Eth0 for the OT network and Eth1 for the IT network is what the EPIC does. The IT network in the diagram could be your client’s network.

But, for the IT network to reach the “Internet” , it must be through a router…similar to the router you have in your home. The “Guide to Networking groov Products” that @Beno referred to is really good…have a look.

Can you explain your goal? Something like, “I need the PC’s to …[do what?]…” I think that would help.

In your option 2 diagram, swap the EPIC for a router. Its going to be much quicker to get going and is the right tool for the job.

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We are planning to have multiple epic controllers which will have groov alarm and also have access from corporate network too. As all our devices will be having 192.168.1.x ip address as our own closed network. The corporate network has ip address of 10.10.1.x. If we need internet to the pcs and devices we need a additional Ethernet cable going to different adapter on pc and controllers. Rather than this. Is there a possibility of using the eth1 and allow the corporate network users to access these devices and get internet access too?

Like a smart network switch? Converts corporate ip address Eg(10.10.1.x) to our network Eg(192.168.1.x)?


It is called a router. Most/all will support network address translation (NAT) if the corporate network will not be aware of your OT network for proper routing. EPIC is not a router. A lot of routers have switches built in as well. Replace the EPIC in your diagram with a router, then keep the EPIC on your OT network. If using NAT, then set the router to port forward to the EPIC from the corporate network for access on the ports needed.

In my opinion, you will need someone with networking experience to pull this off successfully.


Yeah i got it. The smart switch do have NAT. I confused myself as i thought epic would able to act a router to transfer internet from IT network to OT network. Thank you so much for helping me out on this and providing all supported documents and information.