Interactive Trend groov 3.5a dead?


Have you contacted product support about it yet? They have a beta release available that might help you out.


Got it! We’ll see how it goes.



Glad to see I’m not only o e having most of these problems. Fortunately, 3.5b fixed many of them.
You can now set data to rollover in 5 years with 1min poll.


Again, there’s a beta that should smooth out any further issues, and a proper release is due next week, along with the new EPIC systems.

I do know of one customer who’s still seeing irregular gaps on one of their trends, but only for the tags talking to a SNAP-PAC device. HIs Modbus devices are fine. Still looking into that one.


I will order a set of Groovs server for windows next week, I don’t know which version it will be.


I just installed 3.5d, and the interactive trends are working better than they were on 3.5a. They still don’t show any useful data until I click one of the zoom buttons, it would be nice if that was fixed, especially since I have 7 of these on one page.

Also, when I have multiple pens on one trend, the mouse over doesn’t work real well, the value tooltip thing jumps between the different pens rather than the one that is hovered over. It would be better if the tooltip showed the values of all the pens at the same time. Would work nicer with touch screens that way too. Float precision is a bit excessive on the tooltips still in 3.5000283032753234112d :wink:

I also get a “Reset zoom” button that appears on the interactive trends in the IOS groov app. Pinch zooming on the trend makes it appear - and it is not clickable and it won’t go away. I haven’t checked if it does this in Safari. Edit: I just remembered my laptop has a touch screen and it also gets the “Reset zoom” button in Firefox on Windows so it probably does it everywhere when pinch zooming.

Also, I updated the groov app recently and it still slides out the connections sidebar when dragging right anywhere on the screen (like sliding the zoom trend range thingy).


+1 to everything @philip just wrote. The Zoom Reset button also appears when using the preset zoom levels on any touch screen.


My customers are having issues with the float precision too. When you are using groov events to send a text when an alarm value is reached and there are that many decimal points the messages often get truncated. Would be nice if we could set that precision like we do on round gauge gadgets, etc…


Can the Groov ser for win R3.4 project directly import the new R4.0? Similarly, R4.0’s
Can the project run in R3.4?


You can only import and run projects from a lower version.