Interactive Trend groov 3.5a dead?


My trends starting loading again all on their own. They still don’t render very well, but I can download the data if needed.


I’ve been seeing this. One page load it won’t work, moving around in different pages and then come back to the original page the trend is working again, but not always… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you contact Product Support, they can get you access to a beta version that adds a new panel in Build mode:

It’s available under the View menu as “Data Logging…”, and will only appear for Admin users. It’ll give you a list of the tags you’re scanning for trends, how much space they take up on your box, and buttons to download the raw data files (not csv or json, raw binaries) along with a button that will wipe out all data we’ve scanned for a given trend.

It’s really basic, you can’t sort things, there’s no feedback, and if something goes wrong it’ll just silently fail. (Though there might be something in the logs.)

If you can find the tags that are on trends stuck on “Loading…”, download those files and send them along to Product Support so I can take a look at them. If you choose to, you can wipe out the data for the tag and your trend should start working again. (You’ll probably need to refresh any clients looking at it though, or make a tiny change on the pages with dead trends to get the clients to refresh automatically.)


Will do. Is there any chance you are going to add a “save to location” setting? ie save trend data to USB drive…:wink:


That particular request has come up a bunch, but I’m curious: what’s your use case for it? We don’t store data in a documented format at the moment.


I have a large number of trends on a particular project. In my mind, it seams like it would probably alleviate storage space issues if the data could be offloaded to a flash drive or USB HD/whatever.
Since my groov crashed (I suspect I overloaded it with trends) I have not put all of my trends back in the project for fear of a repeat occurrence.


I am having the same issue. Everything was running fine before last patch.


I just noticed, it is all of my digital input (not analog) trends that never load. What email should I send the files to?


Send 'em through product support:


I sent a few to the support person I am working with. Hopefully she forwards them.


I will hold up before updating my client. They run sterilisation on fruit in cold storage which needs trended data every two minutes for auditing purposes. If my trends fail I’m in big trouble.

Will the next update fix this and can this one be skipped before updating?


Great questions.
I have almost a years worth of data in some of my trends, I cant delete it and start again.
For now, I have not upgraded my main server and so am asking the same questions.
Will it be fixed and can I skip this update and get the next one…


I’m using Groov server for win R3.4b. Is Interactive Trend also having this problem?


No, it shouldn’t be.


Are you guys any closer to a fix?


My Interactive trends are non-existent since the last patch. Been waiting to see if they have come up with a fix for this before I start fresh and rebuild my groov from scratch to see if that works.


Contact product support and they can get you a beta that will let you clear out those trends and get them running again. Fixing this trend issue is the number one item on my plate right now.


My interactive trend charts seem to logging correctly now after I changed all my update intervals from 1 second to 3 seconds. They don’t seem to like the 1 second update intervals on multiple week charts.
I also installed the beta version supplied to me from Opto22.
Hope this helps!


Luckily I didn’t upgrade :grinning:
Good luck to you!


I’m having the same issue with a couple of groov boxes. About the only way I get them to run trends again is change and save the chart. Not great for a long term solution.