Incorrect value from read float table and question about module features

Two questions about codesys.

  1. I’m trying to read from a scratchpad. When I’ve tried reading Int32 values, everything worked. Now I’m trying to read Float values and I’m not getting the correct information. I’ve attached screenshots of what I have in codesys.

  1. With IDCI groov modules, I have access to features such as Frequency, Period, On/Off-Time Totalizer in PAC Control. Are these features available through Codesys also?

Thanks for any help you all can provide.

I tested the blockRead function with Floats, and got it to work.

I am attaching my test project archive.

I think the issue might be that I’m trying to read from a PAC-R1 which I did not orginally set up as a device. I just attempted to set up the PAC-R1 as a modbus slave like we have in the past to define the modules, but I’m still getting the bogus value. Any thoughts?

Just realized I asked once before in this thread. I’m now looking into those documents to find how to define the scratchpad address.