Is it possible to add a PAC-R1 as remote I/O in a codesys strategy running on a PR1?

If so, is there any documentation on how to handle this or could someone walk me through the process?

Should not be a problem.
I think @greichert has some MMP or remote IO tips…

Yes, there are a couple of ways. @Beno mentions the MMP function. You can find information on how to use that on our developer site. The MMP function allows you to access anything that has an MMP address(see 1465 OptoMMP Protocol Guide.

There is another way that may be more simple. Every Opto 22 device and I/O has a Modbus TCP address. You can use this in Codesys as well. We have a full section in our training on how to connect to Modbus TCP devices.

I have a sample Codesys project that uses an EPIC as a Modbus TCP master and a SNAP PAC R1 learning center as modbus TCP I/O.


Thank you very much.