HMI touch screen configure

A friend asked me if this hmi touch screen will work with an groov epic?

Yes, but try and stick with the ones recommended in the EPIC users guide. They are the ones known to work.
The one linked to is capacitive which can cause issues.
Also you should know that the touch screen emulates a mouse via its USB connection, so it will take up one of the two EPIC USB ports.

Where can I find a list of recommended hmi for the epic

From goov Manage, click on Info and Help, then Documentation.
Click on the Users Guide link.
Then do a search for HDMI.
Page 96 has the information you are looking for.



I have the epic controlling a water plant with 4-20ma for meters telling me the gpm for the pumps …
How would you configure so I can also record the total gallons?

Best to start a new topic for off topic questions like that… but…
Search is your friend…