GRV-CSERI, serial port redirection to TCP

Hi all
Just wondering if its possible to do a redirection of the SRV-CSERI ports to TCP, similar to how the serial modules worked on PAC devices. ie: the serial module on a PAC could be accessed directly from an external program with <pac_ip_address>:. Is it possible to do the same thing with the EPIC modules?

It is not possible to use the GRV-CSERI-4 in this way.

Yes. You just need a little Node-RED glue.

Check the bottom of this thread @philip provides an example flow that takes the EPIC Serial module and opens a TCP port (Don’t forget to open the EPIC Firewall on that same port number) to exchange the data back and forth.

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Rite on!! That’s a ripper hack!!
So just to be clear, mapping of the serial ports on the modules are /dev/ttySerModx.y where x is the slot number and y is the channel?
Thanks @philip and @Beno

Im not sure if there it is available in the Epics repositories but I have used the linux program ser2net in the past.

Minicom is in the repo and works great on EPIC for local testing.

For auto diverting, you can try netcat and pipe it to a udp stream, I had mixed success and might revisit it, but Node-RED works so well its hard to find the time on the other.

But to your point… no, ser2net is not in the repo.

I just tested / confirmed that is correct.
Keep in mind you can only use the serial modules in the first 4 slots, so 0 to 3 only.

Another nice feature of using Node-RED for this is the debug nodes. They are very helpful when troubleshooting communication issues to see what is coming and going.

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