Configure Epic Serial Module GRV-CSERI-4

Hi all. I’m trying to use the Modbus Integration library with an Epic controller and GRV-CSERI-4 serial module (in slot 0). I’m having trouble figuring out how to configure the module, specifically setting the baud rate. The device I’m communicating with uses RS485 at 57600 baud. I figure the comm handle is tcp (tcp:, as with other PAC serial modules and I can set the RS485 mode (4-wire) in groovManage but for the life of me I cannot find how to set the serial comm parameters. I thought I found it with PAC Manager but it won’t let me access the EPIC since it uses groovManage. Help please!


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Page 285 of the PAC Control Users guide has the answers you seek.
To save you the time, here is the bit you need.

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Thanks, that worked great! I think I just glazed over that section because I thought it was relevant only to onboard serial ports. I appreciate your help.

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Hi, may I know is the “channel name” referring to the channel name below?


The “channel name” is @weighing_balance_1

I would set it up like this…

    //Set up weighing balance 1 channel
nBaud1 = 9600;
sParity1 = "n";
nDataBits1 = 8;
nStopBit1 = 1;

//Convert the integers to strings
NumberToString(nBaud1, sBaud1);
NumberToString(nDataBits1, sDataBits1);
NumberToString(nStopBit1, sStopBit1);

//Combine all of the strings to create the communication handle value
sSerialPort2_0 = "@weighing_balance_1:baud="+sBaud1+",parity="+sParity1+",data="+sDataBits1+",stop="+sStopBit1;

//Set the comm handle value to the string we just created
SetCommunicationHandleValue(sSerialPort2_0, chSerialPort2_0);

Great example.

that’s mean I am required to create the channel name in groov manage before i start configure in PAC Control.

No. You do not have to configure the point in groov Manage at all.
The PAC Control strategy is the correct place to configure the point since that is where you are going to be setting it up and communicating from.
Just set it up in the I/O strategy tree like any other I/O point.
Here is one example;
First add the module. Note that it must go somewhere in the first 4 slots.

Once you add the module, then you need to configure the points on the module.
Name them and select the correct type of serial connection.

Here I have made two points, one RS-232 and the other RS-485 2-wire

The last step is to then configure the communication handle.
Add the comm handle to the strategy tree and setup the baud, stop bits, parity etc.

Note how you can call the comm handle anything you like, but the initialization string must match the point name. (For initialization string help, see the PAC Control Users Guide under Serial Communications, it lists all the possible options there).

Once you down load the strategy you will see the point appear in groov Manage.

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Oh my, that’s an important information, thanks that you have pointed out on this.

I didn’t set up on the I/O tree due to the previous SNAP SCM does not require to configure on the I/O tree.