Groov View run 3rd party exe file


Is there possible for groov view to run a 3rd party exe?


What sort of application are you trying to run?
How are you running groov View? On EPIC, on groov Server for Windows or some other way?

I am thinking that while there is currently no way that I know of to launch an application from groov View, you might be able to do something via Node-RED.

Okay. I thought that way also. But the application will run in window right, not in groov view if using node red.

Are you using groov Server for Windows?
In this case, you would be running on a Windows PC and will need to install Node-RED on that same computer that you want the application to run on.
(You cant run programs ‘in’ groov View).

Nope, I am using groov epic for groov view

Ah, I see where I went wrong… your first post said .exe and I just assumed you meant Windows application… Sorry, my bad. What Linux application do you want to run?

Hi @Beno, sorry for not clarify clearly. Actually you are not wrong, I am trying to use EPIC to open a window .exe file through groov view. From your reply, seems like groov Epic can install Linux exe file is it?

Ok, that just made things very very complicated…
Lets make sure I follow this…

groov View server is running on an EPIC (Linux) and you are viewing groov View screens on a Windows PC and you want to click a button in groov View and have it launch a program on the Windows Computer?

If this is correct, I don’t think we can do anything… You would need to run Node-RED on the PC that you want to launch the exe at the very least. Is this possible?

Yes, so all the setup have to be done in Node-red in order to run an exe file on the Windows.

What if Linux program, can we do anything on groov view? Or same with windows, need to run Node-run as well

We have the same requirement, and I was hoping for a solution without using Node Red, as I am not a great fan of it in enterprise-wide control systems.
This is also a very critical shortcoming for developers who are trying to upgrade their applications from PAC Display to groov View, as the triggers used in PAC Display (emanating from PAC Control) were used extensively to launch compiled executables (*.exe, *.bat, etc) developed in other languages such C, C++, C#, Delphi and others, where these snippets of code were developed externally because it was simply too complex or impossible to accomplish in PAC Project Pro.
I am of the opinion that it shouldn’t be too cumbersome to provide an “object” in groov View that would allow one to run an executable Windows -compatible in its own memory space, or “container”-like namespace that can execute and terminate gracefully when done, similar to what we could do in PAC Display

Please add this request to this groov View feature request thread so we can keep track of it;

Instead of trying to launch an application from groov view (which is designed to be viewed on any web browser - not just one in Windows), why not have your executable read data from the PAC/EPIC/Groov directly and do what it needs to do based on values in the controller/groov?

One could even write a service that could launch applications depending on a value. You could use the REST API or OptoMMP to read data from the controller or groov. If you need to launch an application when a button is clicked, then the clicked button would set the flag to launch the application.
Only downside is that I can’t think of a convenient way to handle multiple workstations.