Groov date time gadget


Any chance we can get a date/time picker for groov?

I would expect it to read and write from a PAC Control table in the Opto date/time table format. There should also be options for just the date, just the time, and both with various international formats.

Something like this that is from jquery-ui:



We’ve had that as a feature request for awhile, but there’s no particular ETA for it at the moment.


It would greatly simplify a lot of code - think about how many gadgets need to be placed on a groov screen to allow the user to enter the date and time and/or the parsing work required on the strategy side.

Something that should take a minute to do (if date/time gadget existed), now can take hours to get setup and working correctly and adds a lot of technical debt to our projects. Scheduling is very challenging on Opto, it would be nice to have more tools to make it easier.


Let me second that as someone who’s going through the throws of date/time implementation.


Dilly Dilly!
Also, some sort of table gadget and a drop down menu gadget.


I could sell more groovs today if we had this feature.


I have EPIC setup, and been running continuously for a month now monitoring machine states.
I have one timer for each machine state. Guess what, timer resets to zero, at restart, or every time you download a PAC Control program.

If you expect EPIC to run full time. Timers should be persistent.
Any thoughts?

Timers in groov EPIC are not persistent