Groov View R4.0c and groov Server for Windows R4.0c are now available!

This one’s a little bit weird in that R4.0b only shipped on the GRV-EPIC-PR1’s version 1.0.1 system firmware, so there’s no separate R4.0b release. (QA is a little swamped right now. :D)

You can find the new version of groov View or groov Server for Windows by logging into your Opto22 account through

groov View R4.0c

June 20, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • KB87516 - Mobile devices will not re-subscribe to tags after sleeping for several minutes

groov View R4.0b

June 18, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • KB87475 – Gadgets report error messages when scanning OPC-UA devices while running groov View with an expired license
  • KB83992 - groov View cannot connect to a OPC-UA server after the network connection is lost and then recovered
  • KB87477 – Value scaling not working on Round Gauge, Range Indicator gadgets
  • KB87478 – groov View fails to run and returns a “503 Service Unavailable” message
  • KB87496 – groov View erroneously shows that it’s entering trial mode when running with an expired maintenance

(Note: I don’t think KB87496 is up on the website just yet, but it should be soonish.)

I don’t have a server license, but I use the demo on my dev machine for development/testing - is the demo version going to be made available again for download?

Huh, I didn’t realize it wasn’t up on the site anymore. I had to dig to find a page, and it says call sales for now:

Yeah, e-mailed my sales rep last week and haven’t heard back…

Very timely upgrade. My new project has just started. Where do I download groov view r4.0c from? Thank you!:grinning:

As per the first post, download from

1.I want to know where to download the Groov view App on the phone.
2.Groov Server for win R4.0C version of my test is still the same question. Am I mistaken?
It seems to be more serious. You must stop before you start Groov server (using Groov monitor).
3.Can I use R4.0 to develop projects that can be imported into R3.4C? R3.4C does not seem to have these problems.

My license is new.License obtained in 20 June

  1. For Apple, go to iTunes and search for groov.
    For Android, go to Google Play and search for groov.

  2. I do not understand your question.

  3. Yes. Develop on v3, import to v4 no problem. You can not develop on v4 and import on v3.

I’m sorry, I’ve mixed up the version. I think it’s R4.0c actually R4.0a. I’m very sorry for the trouble you have.

When are bit operations in Groov going to be introduced?

This greatly limits the things we can do on Groov.

I have a client who I taught to start using and building his own screen then he wanted to include the alarm defeats/indication and of course not doable unless I go in and add all those vars or a table etc.

Also, when is data historian coming?

I don’t have an ETA on either of those at the moment.

Reading bits from an integer register is actually becoming more important than ever when using the Ignition Edge module to connect to PLCs connecting to groov VIEW though the OPC-UA server. The limitation of 500 tags becomes a real restriction as each bit needs to be separated and declared as a separate tag before it can be meaningfully used in the groov VIEW interface. Appreciating that “behind the curtain work” is needed to apply optimization on the requests in order to avoid requesting the same register multiple times for different bits of the same register, but I still think its a valuable improvement that’s worth the effort.

I also waiting for bit operation and data historian in groov view

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