Groov Server for Windows with Signal Fire Gatway

After updating to latest signal fire gateway firmware, groov no longer knows where to put tag data.
Anyone using groov with signal fire wireless telemetry modbus 485 to tcp(signal fire gateway) Signal fire added a remapping of the 32bit/16bit float integers and advised me to attempt this. I really wish I could just downgrade the sf firmware. What worked for 1 year on groov server 4.0b no longer works. All my tags bounce around to gadgets in which they do not belong. Any suggestions help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s an odd one.

My first guess is that the firmware changed addressing in some way: Modbus can be a little confusing on whether you’re supposed to use zero or one based indexing when specifying addressing. Maybe try toggling the “Use base-one addressing” checkbox in your groov device configuration?


It turns out it was not a signal fire issue. The schema groov project got corrupted somehow. I rebuilt the entire schema from scratch and all gadgets are pulling data correctly. Is there a way to pull log file data without having to manually download each trend? Would you like a copy of the groov project that is corrupted? It loads just produces the aformentioned glitch.

Like this? How to save logs and trends to a CSV file in groov server?

Or do you mean/need something different?