Groov RIO 3.5.0 Firmware Released

Firmware greetings fantastic forum fans.
As you probably know, we like to try and release the groov RIO firmware back to back with the EPIC firmware.
Since we are only a few weeks out from that release, you probably remember what all was in that, but if not, you can take a look at my post for the EPIC here.
They often matchup feature for feature, so rather than flesh out each bullet point like I did with the EPIC, here they are rapid fire.

groov RIO

  • Add Codesys runtime engine to all three flavors of RIO. This is beyond exciting. Just keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, you won’t be able to control the world on a RIO, but in those cases where you have needed a little more horsepower than Node-RED or Python for some local control, this will be perfect.
  • Update Node RED to v3.0.2
  • Update Node.js to v14.20.0
  • Update Java JDK To 8.0.372
  • Show system status for the Data Service (CPU, RAM etc)
  • Add UI for npm rebuild option
  • Add UI for different Node version installer
  • Add UI for I/O batch operations
  • Add UI for MMP Streaming
  • Add UI for Modbus details that pertain to RIO in Chapter 3 of the Modbus/TCP Protocol Guide (Form 1678)
  • On GRV-R7-I1VAPM-3 store energy accumulation and summation values to persistent memory for retention over a power cycle
  • Sparkplug 3.0 compliance
  • Disable TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 & Medium strength SSL Ciphers
  • GRV-R7-MM2001-10 Update Ignition Edge 8 to 8.1.21 & Modules 4.0.16

Lastly, there are a good handful of bug fixes, so check out the readme for details on those if you like.

You can download the three firmware files from their respective pages:


You guys are really wanting us to learn Codesys…

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Hahaha, well, yes and no… I mean, its nice to have options right?

Spoiler, I have not learned it yet (at all) and am getting by with my lite control requirements in RIO with Node-RED, but we have a ton of customers that want to do a bit more and use some of the bulk device management tools that CODESYS offer.

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