Groov EPIC 3.5.0 firmware released

Firmware greetings fantastic forum fans.

EPIC 3.5.0 has landed in your portal, so let’s take a look at what is waiting to be installed at your convenience.

groov EPIC 3.5

  • Update Node-RED to 3.0.2. Be sure and check out Terry’s blog next week with what’s new in this version

  • Update nodeJS to 14.20.0. This is going to be very welcome by our Node-RED users. A wide range of nodes have v14 as their minimum supported version.

  • Allow a user to specify what version of a Node-RED package to install via groov Manage Node-RED menu. The need to install different versions of nodes has come up more than a few times in these forums, so this will be a really helpful tool should you ever need to roll things back a version or two for any reason.

  • Add UI for “npm rebuild” command in Node-RED menu.

  • Sparkplug 3.0 compliance. Opto22 is one of the few PLC / IPCs to have this compliance.

  • Add I/O batch operation (set all I/O to public for example)
    For any of you that have had to ‘Make Public’ the 64 channels on the power module, we are feeling your ~300 mouse click pain. This new batch operation option will make it a lot less time consuming and way less ‘mouse miles’ to do bulk actions going forward.

  • Add a new page in the I/O services menu for MMP Streaming.
    Streaming is one of those very powerful but rather hidden features of the Opto controllers for decades. Nice to see a more visible way to use this feature on the groov EPIC.

  • Add a page like the MMP Calculator page, but for all the Modbus details that pertain to EPIC in Chapter 3 of the Modbus/TCP Protocol Guide (Form 1678).

  • Add Data Service status visibility in groov Manage for connected devices, CPU etc. This will be very helpful for heavy users of OPCUA and or MQTT/Sparkplug to be able to see the process details.

  • On EPIC, from within PAC Control, you can now retrieve the extra strategy information: Strategy Name, Compile Date, Compile Time and CRC

  • Add a “Enable/Disable” button to the groov View management page in groov Manage. This brings groov View process in line with the other optional processes (like Node-RED for example).

  • Update Ignition Edge 7 to 7.9.21

  • Update Ignition Edge 8 to 8.1.21 & Modules 4.0.16

  • Add the ability to disable one of the phases of the groov Power Module. (For quick and accurate two phase measurements)

  • Add support to PAC Project for groov EPIC system digital output On and Off totalization features

  • Disable TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 & Medium strength SSL Ciphers

  • Upgrade CODESYS Controller to

  • Add support for the Get Counter command to read 32-bit counters on analog channels (primarily for the groov EPIC power module)

  • Show the chassis type in groov Manage (Help → About)

  • GRV-ITR-12, Raise the DegC limit from 150C to 450C for “Thermistor:Custom Curve” Channel Type.

  • Update Java JDK To 8.0.372

  • There are many bug fixes, one that jumps out at me is that large Node-RED projects cant be uploaded, well now they can.

groov View

  • Add OPCUA authentication (user/pass or cert). This will allow your groov View project to connect with another OPCUA server that has authentication enabled.
  • Add option for human readable timestamp on trend download (vs Epoch time). A lot of users are pulling CSV trend data from groov View and this will help the process go a lot smoother when importing or opening the data in another application
  • Allow users to assign a default page per project, user or group
  • Add ability to hide the title / navigation bar totally. Kiosk users will find this really helpful
  • Show file size and use count in image library
  • Bug fixes… Many, including remove : from vertical range indicator, pages drop from page menu in view mode, select No Tag fixed and the bug where deleting a gadget may cause the desktop and handheld views to get out of sync

Hello Ben, do you know when the RIO’s will have Node-RED 3.0.2?..

I mention that at the end of my blog on the 3.5 update.

@Beno Great update and great recap.

Re: the Rio, you’re really keeping us in suspense with that last sentence…

and one really big new feature we can’t wait to tell you about!

I am in talks with support currently.
We are experiencing persistent variable memory loss on power cycle with firmware 3.5.0
We downgraded the controller firmware and persistent variables restored as normal.

CODESYS persistent variables?

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Hi @Jakes

I have been working on an EPIC 3.5 for two days straight going over the persistent variables (floats, ints) and I have just come across your post. Same issue, every persistent variable resets to 0 no matter how many times I follow this guide when you power off/restart the unit. 3.5.0-b.56

The only way around this for now is to downgrade your firmware to the previous version until there’s a fix, @stacey

We are working on a fix (it will be a 3.5.1 update), no ETA on that yet.
We are also working on a Knowledge Base article for it, thanks for updating this topic in the meantime.

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