Groov log in issue

Hi, can no longer log in into Groov on a EPIC PR-1, latest firmware. When trying to log in after clicking sign in the screen does a quick refresh and stays in the log in screen with clean fields, if I put wrong password it says wrong password, tried edge, firefox and chrome, cycling power, no luck. No access to Groov (view or manage).
Has anyone experienced this? (mighty PAC control working without hiccups, no i/o errors)

Try a browser in incognito mode.
And make sure the URL just has the EPIC host-name, nothing more (ie, not node-red or groov View etc appended to the URL you are trying to use).

Just tried, same behavior in Crome and firefox private modes. Important note: This started to happen after we lost min/max values from a ma module, groov view showed the warning signs instead of min/max. I verified tags on view ok, min/max values on manage i/o ok too, then decided to restart the unit from groov manage and after that I can’t log in. (I also did the f5 trick, nothing)

Do you know how to use a browser’s developer tools? The button to open them on Windows is typically F12. That should open an extra pane at the bottom of your browser window. In Chrome, it’ll look something like this:

If you select the Network tab and leave it open while you try and log in you may get a bit more information out of it. In particular, the list of requests at the bottom may show where an error is happening.

Also, now that I think about it: you probably can’t check, but is there a chance the clock is off on the EPIC? We’ve seen issues signing in before if the clock is waaaay off, like set back to 1970.

This is what I get after writing user and password and clicking sign in.

And this is in Chrome

Found this odd on PAC CONTROL. This never had this errors before.

Probably should get hold of PSG for that one… Getting off topic for a groov View log in thread.
(But I have seen those errors before - years ago).

The Expires: 1970 bit looks the same for me. All of that looks the same, but I end up getting into Manage.

Have you tried switching your URL to get yourself into Manage instead of View? Change the “target=/view/” portion to “target=/manage/”

Jonathan, I was able to get into manage, will restart groov view from there, ill update, Thanks!

Did you have ‘groov View’ set as your default app to run on log in?

Beno, yes, Groov view as default app to log in.
Jonathan, restarted Groov view from manage and no luck, will take a pick into view logs now.

Clock and date in Groov manage are spot on.

The last groov view info into the log was yesterday afternnon, it stopped logging after failing to talk to a modbus power meter in the network, the power meter is acting up, can this affect Groov view?

Are you using the Modbus device in groov View to talk to the meter and trend its data?

Groov was just reading voltages and frequency, I do think we have logging but using node red, will verify in a couple of minutes, opening the porject in groov sim, not on site, it is 45 miles away and someone already on the way.

Yes, it was trending the power meter data. Power meter is in the list of devices and was reading about 6 registers.

Beno, Jonathan, I factory reseted the EPIC, went back to version 2.0.2-b.139, re installed license and tried to jump to the latest firmware but EPIC got stuck for 20+ minutes after the update restart (hand with tool screen). So I went back to factory again, got Groov view to work but can’t read newest project yet I did a fast screen to work for now. Julio recommended updating to the first 3.x version and then to the latest, I will try that, just unable now because process is live and time windows to solve this are limited. I’ll keep you updated.

We test going from 1.0 to the latest to make sure you can jump from any firmware version to the latest.
Something out of the ordinary happen to stall the upgrade. We cant test every combination of course, but we do try very hard to give upgrades a lot of robustness.

Also, no need to apply the groov View license between updates unless you are going to use the old version for a while before the next update. (Saves like 1 minute, but thought I should mention it).