Groov EPIC Port enable for Firewall



We setting up the restful API in “Groov-EPIC-PR1”.

We are forwarding that Eth0 static IP to live IP.

Can anybody tell us which port(80 or 443 0r other) we need to enable in the firewall for that?

And one more thing we observe that when we are using “http” in the URL link in the browser for getting data. It will automatically become “https” and provide the data.

How can we use “http”? or we can stop forwarding “http” to “https:”

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Port 80 and 443 are already open on the firewall, so no need to make any changes.
Note, you can easily see what ports are open to which Ethernet ports by looking at the firewall settings in groov Manage.

We have a automatic forward from port 80 (http) to port 443 (https) which why both respond.
You can not turn this off, everything must be https to groov EPIC.

What service are you trying to use the RESTful API? groov View? groov Manage?


We are using RESTful API.



groov View or groov Manage?


groov Manage.



Everything you need to get started is here;