Groov EPIC 3.1.0 Firmware released

This is a super straightforward update to talk about.

As usual hit up your portal to download load the version you need (Remember, you only need the Ign8 version if you NEED to run Ignition 8).

3 bug fixes and 1 new feature.

Let’s look at the squished bugs first.

  1. If you had two nested subroutines and were inspecting a variable in one while stepping into another, the control engine would sometimes reboot.

  2. The GRV-CCANI-2 module was not working in CodeSys. It’s been tweaked to work in module position zero. In a future firmware update we will allow it to work in any of the first 4 positions.

  3. In PAC Control, if you had a space anywhere in your serial port initialization string, some parameters would be dropped. That’s been fixed now.

The new feature is groov View 4.3a

Read about it in the groov View forum post;

Lastly, for all our CODESYS users, there will be a ‘coming soon’ library update that will add J1939 support.

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