Groov Build - Snap to Grid?

Is there any way to standardize templates with in Groov build?

We have many pages I am trying to correct the layout of all gadgets and text for the “Handheld” view tab of Groov build.

Is there a way to create a template page?

Or even better is there a way to do a “format painter” similar to what is possible in Excel where it looks at a previous page build and re-orders the gadgets into the same location. (Snap to Grid?) is it possible to read the locations from the previous page and get the gadgets to auto-correct?

Here is the standard output for what Groov builds out from the desktop version

I don’t mind creating 1 template page, or reordering the first page of a series of pages, but can we get some type of templates or copy elements locations / snap to grid happening?

You can create a template page and simply duplicate it: in Build mode, right-click on the page’s name in the menu on the left and select Duplicate.

Hello Jonathan, that would be ok and we have used copy and paste in the past, however that doesn’t help with setting all of the tag names and read values. You can create a template, use copy and paste, but then have to reconfigure all pages to read the correct tag names. Was looking for an alternative.

Is there shortcut keys to change tags faster? Example: If I highlight a gadget, and hit the enter key it brings me to the tag database??.. Then edit the table element and hit enter and it returns me back to my page.

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No shortcut keys at the moment, sorry.

I didn’t want to create a new topic. In groov build when I select “Unlimited” for a Text Box Gadget, can it word wrap or am I missing something?

Um. I think I am missing something here in your question…
Text Box Gadget is for the user to enter a value. (This has the unlimited option).
Text Area Gadget is for displaying text. (This has no unlimited option and can wrap).

Generally, we don’t recommend people write novels in groov, so yeah, there is no wrap option for a user entered long string in the Text Box Gadget… But I think I am missing a use case here…
How much data do you want to enter by hand into into groov via the Text Box Gadget?

On a Text Box, Unlimited just means the input spans the full width of the gadget.

Text Areas can’t wrap automatically at the moment, though we plan to add that at some point. Just haven’t had time yet.

You can wrap manually by hitting enter, though it’s kind of a pain to get the wrapping consistent between the desktop and handheld views.

I am using Text Box Gadget because I want to edit it and view it and not make two separate gadgets. The project I am building will be for a desktop or an android tablet most of the time (rarely will it be viewed by a phone. In fact, I’m not even gonna bother rearranging everything in the handheld tab) . I am using the gadget for comments about a certain item (600 width).
You ask, why am I using groov then? Because of it’s compatibility with both an android tablet and a Windows PC.
And this really isn’t a big deal, just thought I was missing something to make it wrap.