goovView Trends Float variable too long

I took the EPIC class last year, August class, I asked how to truncate float variables in groovView trend graphs. Terry said he had a solution in your forums. I couldn’t find it.

Please give me directions to shorten the decimal places on float variables when using a trend in groovView. 15 decimal places is too much, not just for groovView trends, but also when I send an event as a text it makes it difficult to see on the phone screen.

I’m using EPIC PR1 with Firmware 3.5 and PAC Project 10.5b running the strategy on the EPIC PR1, with a temperature thermocouple on the PAC R1 controller with firmware R10.4d for my test input.

Thanks, Larry

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The command you need in the computed tags is toFixed(2)

Ben, Thanks for responding quickly!

Can you give me an example using toFixed(2) in OptoScript?


What was the error you got when you tried?

I grabbed a tag that had 4 digits and used a computer tag to make it toFixed(1).


Here is the computed tag.


Ah, I am using OptoScript, not javascript. Are you suggesting I use NodeRed to modify my float variables? Then put it in a groovView trend graph? My goal is to look at a groovView trend graph, interactive, and not see 15 decimal places, just 1, 2, or 3 decimal places when I hover over the pen lines.

You only need them truncated in the groov view trend, so use the computed tags as you need.

Nice and neat.
No OptoScript, no Node-RED, very quick and clean.

Okay, I just figured out that’s a feature I didn’t know groovBuild had to offer.

I am learning all the time with Opto 22! Thanks for the support today, Larry

Well, not so quickly. I can’t select the new computed tag in a trend graph because it is a string, it’s grayed out. Am I missing something? Larry

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It’s working as expected now, thanks again.


Thanks very much for dropping back and letting us all know.
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