Firmware update stalled?

I went to install the most recent firmware on one of my EPIC processors today (grv-epic-pr1-ignition8-3.5.0-b.56.field.bin). When I did, the update essentially got stuck on the “Upload Progress” step even though I could see my processor restart. At this point, the processor seems to be booted back into Groov Manage, but I can’t access it through a browser. Any suggestions?

Ignition 8 makes things tight on a PR-1. I would suggest you install version 7 first, then step up to 8.
By going down to 7 you are freeing up resources so that 8 can get loaded.

I had already installed the V7 firmware (same version). I was specifically installing this version to test the difference between V7 and V8 to decide which version to buy a license for.

IMHO you just got the answer :wink:
Or just try again and see if it finishes.

In the end, it looks like it did finally install. After a brief evaluation, I do think I’ll end up sticking with Ignition Edge 7.9 instead of 8.1.

Keep in mind that Ignition 7 is officially end of life. If you are just wanting a quick and dirty test of something, then no problem, but I would be careful about starting a new long-life project with v7.

@Beno: that’s a good point, I guess. Any update to the instructions found in this other forum post for 8.1? How to map/move AB/Siemens PLC tags to PAC Control tags via Expression tags in Ignition Edge - #14 by christian.murphy

The primary thing I need to do with Ignition Edge is move values from AB tags to PAC Control tags.

If it really is just one to one (AB to PAC Control) and there is zero chance of scope creep, then v7 would be fine for that I suspect.

Again, if it really is JUST one to one, then those instructions are current. (If there was more than one to one then I would be looking at using MQTT / Sparkplug / OPCUA).

@Beno: it’s not one to one. It’s several tags from an AB PLC to corresponding tags in PAC Control. I followed those instructions and they definitely work well, but I also haven’t purchased my Ignition Edge license yet because I’ve been proving out the solution. I hate to spend $800 on a license for something that’s end of life. If I can do something similar with Ignition Edge 8.1, I’ll go that route. I’ve read that expression tags no longer have the “Write value back to OPC item” option, and a little bit of testing didn’t yield an alternative that was as intuitive.

As I understood it, those instructions are essentially the solution for using OPCUA for doing the transfer. If there’s a better method, I’d love to learn it.

I should have been clearer, sorry… One AB tag to one PAC Control tag.
ie, several tags in AB only going to several tags in PAC Control… In other words, you don’t have one AB tag going to several different locations.

And yes, you got it, once you buy v7 or v8 your sort of locked in, so may as well get the one that has the longest life. groov family supports both for now… a good example of where we are headed is that the EPIC supports both, but the RIO MM2 only supports v8.