EPIC Node-RED Dashboard Security

I am just beginning to think about upgrading a PC-based control system to an EPIC controller. One of the features of the existing PC app is the editing of recipes in a database. I think the Node-RED dashboard could be used to do this more efficiently than groov View but I was wondering if the dashboard pages could be secured using the same user logins as the groov View pages. Is that possible?


Not only could, but are.

One of the main things about Node-RED running on EPIC and RIO is that we put it behind the firewall and groov Manage authentication.
So this means Node-RED always uses the SSL encryption (certificate) AND it uses the same groov Manage user management.

Oddly enough we have had several requests to turn off the user/pass requirements for the Node-RED dashboard… It seems we have several OEMs that want their customers to gain quick/unfetted access to the Node-RED dashboard but not to the Node-RED flows or to groov Manage itself… The software guys are looking at that request.

But in your case @Joey1 yes, your Node-RED dashboard pages are secured using the same user logins as the groov View pages right from the get-go.

Cool! Is that done through Manage? Can user access be limited to specific flows or is it set up that specified users can access any Node-RED pages? Sorry for all the questions, I’ve only just thought about doing this recently and I’ve not yet used Node-RED for UI functions.

Yes. Its all done through groov Manage.
No granularity, its all or nothing. You can either access the Node-RED stuff or not.