Download strategy from EPIC to PC

Is that possible for us to download the strategy file from EPIC to PC?
It is hard for us to troubleshoot when we don’t have the strategy file in an urgent situation.

You can only download a strategy from an EPIC controller to the PC, if it was previously archived to the controller during the download of the strategy when entering debug mode.

In PAC Control you can set the strategy archive options in “File/Strategy Options…” while in Config Mode.

In our online Training there is a chapter about archiving of PAC control strategies:

I hope this helps.

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Where in EPIC is this located? Or is it possible to get an EPIC ‘map’ of sorts where files are stored. Maybe a listing of the area’s on EPIC where one would store/save User data files, reports, etc. Or maybe this is a question for another part of the forum?


To be clear, the strategy ‘file’ is NOT located on the EPIC. The strategy is complied code and that is downloaded to a non-user part of the EPICs memory.
The strategy, if you have archived it, is on your Windows PC.

A ‘map’ is not really needed. The user files are stored in either secure or unsecured file area, both are accessible from groov Manage.
You would use either depending on the application that is writing/reading/accessing them.
This is clearly explained in the user manual and on the help descriptions in groov Manage.

Ben, Thanks for the information. This post caught my eye, because the units that we sell with the EPIC will require a backup before they are shipped, as do the current units that are employing a SNAP system with a Windows touchscreen/pc. Typically we backup all files/programs related to the unit & all the QC data. So knowing where these are located will help. It will probably be under a folder that we create, as is typically done.

Okay, another ‘new user’ish’ question. I’m looking through the ‘groov_EPIC_ Users_Guide’ #2267 and can’t find anything specific on working in the ‘Secured & Unsecured’ areas on an EPIC. I see where in ‘groov_Manage’ under ‘System’, ‘Files’ where you can upload files to these areas. But nothing more on the ‘process’. Do you need to initially create a ‘directory’ structure using the SSH shell or PuTTY interface. Or am I looking in the wrong groov Manual, or maybe there is an Opto video on this?
Thanks for the advice

Here is the help screen I was referring to;

You get this from clicking on the ‘Help’ button in the Files area.
(We have not made a video on this area yet, thanks for the idea).

As you can see from reading the help, you do not use SSH or PuTTY, but the applications themselves largely drive how you use the area.

Ben, Makes sense. But does it allow you to create ‘folders’ to save data files, recipe files, etc. otherwise all the files would be ‘lumped’ together and possibly hard to sort through if a user customer wanted to export the ‘data files’ for further review/manipulation on their pc. If we can’t create ‘folders’ in the ‘unsecured’ area, I guess we’ll have to find another method or rethink our process of saving data on the EPIC.

Yes. Your application can make as many folders as you need.

That’s what I thought. Can you setup/create folder structure from groov Manage or do you need to create them by another means. Typically our customers do not create folders, these are setup/configured by us. Then the customer would have access to them.

Your application creates them, so you are in full control.
Your customer simply reads the files as needed from groov Manage (if at all).

Ben, Good Information



I found a topic Add sub-directory to /unsecured, that looks like what I was trying to explain. This approach may work. I am also running 2.0.1-b84


Greetings, thank to all and sorry for the late response.
@gerhardK If the strategy inside the EPIC without archived to EPIC flash memory, we have to redownload the strategy from PC to EPIC after done setup the ‘Archive Option’ to archive it? Or there is another way to do that?

I am not 100% sure what you are after, but you can always archive your strategy without downloading.

Click on File, then Archive Strategy and it will make the zip file of everything you need.

If you want the exact strategy of whats running on the controller, and there is no archive saved on the controller, then you are out of luck. You will need to find the original that matches the date time stamp.

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Yeap, this is the situation for now. Most of our EPIC no archive saved on the controller. We will practice to save an archive whenever a new strategy is download to the controller.

I haven’t tried it, but should Pac Control download a zip file to the Epic, just like a Pac controller?

If so, I assume that it would be accessible with Pac Term, but where on Epic would it be stored?

Yes, if you tell PAC Control to make an archive (zip) and then also download it to the EPIC controller, it will store it on the EPICs hard drive just like a PAC Controller.
So indeed, you can use PAC Terminal to upload that archive from the EPIC and unzip it on your Windows computer and open it in PAC Control.