Display CODESYS string variable in Groov View

I have a CODESYS structured text STRING-type variable foo. I want to display it in Groov View. When I go find it in Groov View Build mode’s Gadget Pallette > Tags list, I see foo : STRING : R/W. When I click on the other variables (INT16s, Booleans, Floats), I see a list of available gadgets that I can drag into the preview space. However, when I click on foo, I don’t get any options.

I’ve also tried creating a Text Area gadget from the Gadgets menu, but when I select my tag in the Data Source menu, it continues to show “No tag selected”.

Is it possible to display a string variable from CODESYS in Groov View? What am I missing?

A quick forum search for codesys string found this…

I know your not using OPCUA, but it might help… Otherwise, @greichert will chime in at some point

@thebaldgeek that is correct. The forum post addresses how to access strings in 2 ways. This is being corrected in a future firmware update.

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I switched my variable over to a WSTRING, but I’m still not seeing it.

The formatting documentation states, * For non-numeric data, a '#' character will simply serve to mark the location of the dynamic content.

However, when I include a #, I get the error The gadget's tag is a different data type than what the server or device provided. Details: The string is configured as a INT16, but the type returned from the server is class java.lang.String

This one seems simple, but I’m not sure what else to try. Any tips?

What firmware version are you running? I just tested, configured tag as WSTRING:

Added it as a Text Box:

And tested: