Codesys to OPC UA to Groov View Strings

Has anyone worked with getting String Tags from Codesys through the OPC UA server to groov view? It seems to be not supported in groov view or OPC UA.
The Tag in Codesys is not ranged e.g. sControlStatus: STRING(100); I get it doesn’t support String Arrays. But a default String tag e.g. sControlStatus: STRING; should be supported. what am I missing?

You are correct that STRING datatypes should be supported. This is a known issue, and a fix is in the works. In the meantime there are 2 workarounds available. You can change your STRING datatypes to WSTRING or you can create these as Dynamic Tags in groov View:


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Hi Gerichert

Thanks for the info. the WSTRING type worked. Everything considered groov EPIC is a great system to work with!