Connect to 2 way radio system

I am new to node-red, although in the past I have used SMC gateways which use the same type of workflows.

What I would like to do is connect a Motorola Mototrbo radio to node red via USB so I can then send text messages through a radio system.

example if I had an alarm from a serial port then this would send a text to a radio to alert a user. does anybody know how I would achieve this?

SMC uses the following info to connect a mobile

USB connection
CAI Prefix – The CAI (Common Air Interface)
Radio ID
IP address of the mobile

Let me know if you require anymore information.



Is this on a groov EPIC, or is Node-RED running on some other sort of computer?

it’s Node-RED running on a raspberry pi

Do you anymore information of me?

Without the radio or the SMC gateway device, its a bit hard to help much. Also this forum is for Node-RED running on a groov EPIC system, not Raspberry Pis. You might try the official Node-RED forum over at… That said, have a look at this thread (USB to Serial adaptor support for AR1), it shows how to connect USB devices to groov EPIC, it should be similar for a Pi.

So, you hook the USB to the Pi and the radio. Use the serial Node in Node-RED to communicate via the CAI protocol using a Function Node. From there you just need to know the protocol to get the Radio ID sorted. The IP address of the radio should be the same IP address as the Pi since thats what its connected with.

What is your end goal? To replace the SMC Gateway with a Pi?

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Thanks for your input.

at the moment its a project at home so I can learn node-red, if all goes well then I would look to replace the SMC with a PI.

With the SMC all nodes are there ready to drag drop onto the workflow plus the programming has been done for connecting a radio.

Is there a way that I can look at the programming code of each node? at the moment my demo SMC doesn’t work I cannot connect to it, I have send it away for repair as I was going compare nodes.

I am totally new to programming (functions), maybe I should find a smaller project first.



They must have done their own nodes and not published them on
Thats the usual place most people go to download and upload nodes and flows.
Doing a search there for either SMC or Motorola shows nothing.
You would have to reach out to the SMC people to see if they will show you their code.
Most people have it on a github or such to view and modify.

Its a pretty solid project to start with. There a lot of resources for Node-RED projects on a Pi, if you are in it to learn then yeah, starting with something a bit more mainstream might be a good idea and build up to it… But then again, nothing like jumping in the deep end!

Hi Beno,

I was browsing Github and come across the following Moto_XCMP_XNL package which says it allows sending data across radio wave.

Problem I have is i’m not sure what to do with it, would you know what needs to be done to get it working with Node-Red?



It looks like its a Java app, not NodeJS, to my knowledge, there is no way to run Java from within Node-RED.