CodeSys Ethernet IP Scanner License deployment to Opto-22

We will be utilizing a Groov Epic PR2s running CodeSys and will be interfacing with some Eaton Motor starting equipment via the Ethernet/IP Scanner module. Do we need to update the CodeSys runtime license from Opto-22 with this other Ethernet/IP scanner module license purchased from CodeSys, or is the license added on at the CodeSys program level.

Any tips on how to get this implemented?

Hi David. Yes, you will need to add the Ethernet/IP Scanner from CODESYS. We had another customer post in the forums about his experience (but with a Fanuc device) - Fanuc R30iB Ethernet/IP using Codesys. You’ll have to visit CODESYS website to purchase the E/IP Module. We may be able to get a coupon to get you a better price on this add-on module. You can email me offline at

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