Fanuc R30iB Ethernet/IP using Codesys


Attached is a Codesys file that I made for the communication settings between a Fanuc R30iB Controller and a Opto 22 Groov Epic controller running on codesys. On the Fanuc side you will have to set up a Ethernet Adapter using 4 words, Set IP address on the same network, and the configure the I/O. You then should be good to go!

Hope this helps!

Fanuc Codesys Comm (600.3 KB)


Wow, great first post! Welcome to the forums with a big splash!

Thanks so much for putting the work in and for posting it for others to learn from!

Many CNC menchance use FANUC Controller.
FANUC provided a FOCAS Library for LINUX System.
EPIC is also a LINUX system, but unfortunate the support of OPTO 22 said this FOCAS can’t be installed into EPIC. We don’t know why???