Can I use an RIO MM1001 to natively measure natural gas flow through pulse output?

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I want to measure the output of a rotary gas flow meter, and I am wondering if I can simply run my output wires into channel 1 of the GRV-R7-MM1001-10? Or if I will need a convertor or something in between?

This is the pinout of my rotary flow meter:
Pulse Output

And channel 1 on the RIO module says it supports “Pulse Measurement”.

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Please let me know if I can provide any further detail.

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Do you have a model number of the gas flow meter?
The pin out comes close, but knowing if its PNP or NPN or dry contact ect is pretty critical to knowing how to hook it up to a RIO

Hi Beno! Thank you

The model number is: NDM - 3M

I looked for more detail and found this description of the pins on the meter:
Wiring Photo

Before I dig too deep… Do you have an intrinsic isolation device?

I do not, the meter has natural gas moving through it, so it makes sense that we need to avoid ignition.
Once I find one of those, it’s basically a passthrough to the RIO, right?

Both the PDFs on that linked page don’t make any mention at all of the electrical interface.
That’s a real shame.

So to answer your question, the meter to intrinsic barrier is on the meter folks (ie, you will need to reach out to them before you buy the barrier to see if the meter will interface to it).

After you know which barrier you are going to use, we can then look at the output of the barrier (which I’m confident will have more electrical information than the meter docs) and guide you on how to interface the barrier to the RIO.

Probably not the exact answer you were hoping for, but since we don’t have anything to go on, its hard to answer wiring questions.

Hi Beno,

I have my next steps, hopefully I’ll get a meeting scheduled with the utility company in the next week.
The customer site is about two hours away from me, so I’m working with limited information from photos for now, thank you for bearing with me!

Thank you for your help! I’ll be back with details.

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