BACnet on EPIC with Codesys

Great news! Groov EPIC Firmware 1.3.2 now supports BACnet via the Codesys Runtime Engine.

I have here at my desk an EPIC that is reading the temperature from an MS/TP thermostat (Cristal Controls CCTHV-407-BAC) via a BACnet MS/TP to BACnet/IP Router (Contemporary Controls BASRT-B) using Codesys. Codesys has a great example in their Online Help that made the integration easy.

Codesys Online Help BACnet Example:;product=codesys_bacnet;version=

I’ve also attached my Codesys project for anyone who may be interested. If you have any questions or need help with this or anything related to EPIC, please let us know.

When working on this, I use the BACnet Browser from Cristal Controls to know the Device number, Object Type, Object Instance, and Property ID of the value I want to read or write.


BACnet Test (250.2 KB)


How do I add in the Bacnet Server in Codesys?

I’ve downloaded the Codesys BACnet package and installed in on Codesys but whenever I try to “add device” there is no bacnet to choose from. Any other steps that I miss?

Check out this KB Article: KB88123. You need to make sure you are running at least v1.3.2 of EPIC, Opto 22 Codesys Package, and have at least v14 of the Codesys Development System.