Codesys Bacnet On Epic

I’m trying to use Codesys Bacnet SL on an Epic controller. I am having some licensing issues. I loaded the Bacnet software and got a sample Bacnet server program to run but Codesys says I don’t have a license even though I entered the license when installing the software. Bacnet quits working after approximately two hours. When I try to compile a Bacnet client program I can’t because I get a ton of library not licensed error messages and other messages indicating that the program is not seeing the installed Bacnet SL package.

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What Firmware are you using on your EPIC controller? Also make sure you are using the latest Codesys Library Package for groov EPIC.

Here you can find an earlier Forum post with an example to use BACnet on EPIC.

If it is working for 2 hours, then times out, the license has not been applied properly to the EPIC, as that is the demo window for any unlicensed module.

To verify the licensing, use the License Manager:

Make sure you have it set to Device:

Make sure it is set to Soft Container:

Select the appropriate unit on the network:

It will then show you each license the Unit has:

If you do not see the BACNet license there, you may have loaded it to your PC, as the default is Workstation.

Thanks for your help with this issue.

I guess I would like make other users aware of a couple of points regarding this issue.

Yes the license did end up on my pc. I’m not exactly sure how. Everyone should be aware that there are two software license containers available. One resides on your pc and one on the epic controller. One wrong click and your license will end up on the pc where you don’t want it. Before you click on the install licenses button be sure you see the ‘CODESYS Control for Opto22’ license already in the window containing the licensed products. If not, you are installing the license in the wrong spot.

Codesys sales support was fairly easy to work with in resolving this issues. It takes a few days though. First they verify some things. Then they give you a ticket to remove the license from the pc. Once the license has been removed from the pc they issue you another ticket to reinstall the license. Each of these steps takes a day or two.

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