Backing up the groov VIEW image library

The image library can only be backed up as part of a complete project using the option

  • Build>File>Backup Project to computer

Which can then be restored using the option

  • Build>File>Restore Project from computer

But the corresponding .gz file cannot be opened or unzipped to access individual files and access the image files included in the project. To move a single page from one project to another using the option

  • Build>File>Export page (From original project)

Which can then inmported using the option

  • Build>File>Import page (To another project)

However Tag references, page navigators, images, and limited access groups are unlinked during an export and need to be relinked after a successful import. The problem comes if you do not have access to the original images that were imported into the original project, you cannot import them again into the other project. We really need an option to backup the image library at least to a zip file to get access to indivdual image files.


Bit of a workaround here;

its not the best, I know and your right, it could use some export/import love.

What I ended up doing (which was a suggestion from Jonathan) was to to right-click on the image in the Image Library and selecting “Save image as…”. Works great for individual images.

I have heard this urban legend a couple of times, but it’s just not true! When you right-click and download, what you download is a thumbnail version of the original image file, not the actual file that was uploaded and now being used in the project. Scale it up again and you lose resolution. Perhaps for small files, it might be valid, but not for larger ones.

Here is an example

c-store composite.jpg is the original file as uploaded into the groovBox image library
c-store composite-thumb.jpg is the version of the file that I have downloaded today from groovBox image library


Here are the properties of the original file as uploaded to groov

And here are the properties of the right click and download file from groov

That’s why the filename changes the name to _thumb. It’s not the original file.
So, if we are in agreement with this, the need for a tool to back up the groov VIEW image library still exists.
We seem to be stuck in a groundhog day time warp that keeps taking us back to October 2017

In Build mode, we only display the thumbnails. You have to switch to View to Right Click download the full versions.

Proper exports is on the list of things I want to add, just haven’t had time to get to it yet. :confused:

If you have a groov backup and did not want to go through a full restore to get some images then you can extract the images from the backup file as follows:

Use 7zip to extract the backup (once to unzip, and another to extract the tar) and open the project.grv file in DB Browser for SQLite. In there you can browse the table called library_content, find row with the image you need and select the content cell (a BLOB). On the right side you can then click export and save the image to disk.

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Heh, I was thinking of mentioning this.

As always: the groov View project file format is not documented or set in stone.