Where are Groov Images Stored?

I have a project created by someone else that I would like to take an image from. It’s on my Groov box and I have full rights to the project. I tried to copy and paste the image in Groov Build but that didn’t work. The image library doesn’t seem to give you a way to export images. I even looked at the backup file I have of the project but didn’t see anything in there either.

I just want to put the image in a graphics program and rotate it 90 degrees.



Yeah. Nah…

Not sure if its on the feature request list or not (Will check Monday and make sure it is on the list), but as of now…
There is no way to get it out. It is stored as a binary blob in the project (I could be wrong on the exact term, but the result is the same).
At this stage, we don’t have a method or workaround to get it out.

Another option is taking a good screen clipping of the image, rotating it and loading it back into GROOV?
Long shot but it might work for now :slight_smile:

@Jakes Yup. You got the best workaround… Try making a new page, just put the image on it, make it as large as possible.
Screen shot it, clipping just the image… (The snipping tool built into Windows does a surprisingly good job). Save it to the local drive and then import that image into the next groov project image library like usual.

It might depend on your browser, but you should be able to just right click on an image on a page and save it. You don’t need to screenshot/clip it, and you’ll get the original image as it was uploaded. We don’t resize/resample the ones we display on the page, just the thumbnails that we show in the image library.


Saving it from within the browser from Groov View worked! I was trying to do it from Groov Build. A case of forest from the trees or something like that.

Thanks guys!