AR1 - Local Storage vs Epic

Good day to all,

I have recently completed a application on the groov-Epic where I store transaction data to a CSV file for the day, in addition to capturing the data, I capture a image via a IP Camera and store it in a *.jpg format.

This data is stored in the unsecured portion on the Groov-Epic (/home/dev/unsecured/). The images are then transferred off via ftp every 5 minutes and deleted from the local storage thereby not using to much space. The CSV files remains local until the next day when a new one is created and the old on transferred off the groov-Epic via the same mechanism. All working very well.

Why I am typing to you, I am trying to replicate this functionality using the groov-box AR1, I notice it has local storage space available but cannot locate documentation on the path used to store data to it.

In a nut-shell, can I and if so what is the path ?

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Are you using Node-RED to do this?
If so Node-RED on the AR1 box is run by the user ‘dev’, so that user has write access to his/her/their home directory… so that would be /home/dev

Ben, thankyou for your reply.

I am using Node-Red yes, for the storage and FTP component with only one current user profile being Admin.

I will test what you have mentioned and let you know.

Thanks again

Hi Ben,

Got access to the file system, thanks a plenty.
Small issue to resolve with the ftp not connecting or get past the security to transfer the data off


How do you get access to the file system? I installed node-red-contrib-protobuf. To configure it, I need to know where the palette is stored. I though it would be /home/dev/unsecured/sparkplub_b.proto but, that turnout to be not the case since I get a file not found error. The palette says it is installed. Where do these palettes get stored when you install them?

EDIT. See this post for more information; Accessing where Palletes are stored on a AR1

Are you talking about the AR1?

Also did you see Terrys post here about that node?

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