Access File System via CODESYS

Has anyone used the SysDir and SysFile libraries to access files on the groov-EPIC via CODESYS?

I have a recipe tool that I wrote for another CODESYS based PLC that stores the recipes in a file. I could access a folder on that device by using this syntax for the folder: “\MyFolder\Recipes”.

I have created the folders and copied my files onto the device (from the IDE), but when I try to access the folder in code, I get an invalid handle.


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This is a Linux file system permissions issue.
The user that Codesys is running as does not have permissions to the file system directory you are using.
Its the same issue here:

Grab yourself a free shell license (if you have not done so already) from here:

Tweak your permissions and you should be up and running in short order.

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Thanks @Beno! It was really just a matter of figuring out the file path and Shell access was the key there. I’m up and running now.

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