Zwave integration

It would be cool for some sort of zwave support. I personally find things like SmartThings neat, but severely limited. I would rather read and control a zwave system with something I know and use, PAC Project.

I’m just dumping ideas out there. :slight_smile:

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Might be a lot easier w/Node-RED… I’ve not tried this Node (nor Zwave), but it looks pretty well documented, which is always a good sign.

Have you tried Node-RED yet? (It’s free, and connecting stuff like this is usually much easier than w/PAC Control/OptoScript.)

Do you have a groov-AR1? (It has Node-RED built in!)

Nope, we haven’t really had the need to mess with groov. I’m sure we eventually will.

I had to google Node-RED to familiarize myself with what that is. It could be an option, I do have a raspberry pi. However, it continues to become painfully obvious I should spend the time to learn java. I’m not that old yet but still feel like the dog who doesn’t want to learn new tricks…

Pac Project is just so easy to do easy things in. :grin:

For Node-RED, you would want to learn Javascript, not Java. They look similar and use a c-style syntax, but they are quite different.

Also, if you use Optoscript at all, then writing some basic Javascript shouldn’t be too hard for you.

BTW, Have you checked to see if there are any serial to z-wave gateways, then you can keep it all the codes on the controller.