Zoom and History on a Trend

I’m setting up an interactive trend in Groov and two of the features I need are the Zoom buttons and the history line along the bottom. I took a screenshot of one of the trends in the Groov demo (see below) and circled them in white. Where are those configured? I went through the Groov Build guide and didn’t see them mentioned.



They’re not configurable at the moment. If you’re just not seeing them when you expect to, your trends might just be too short. We don’t show the navigator or zoom buttons if there are fewer than 300 or so points total on your trend.

Makes sense. This is a brand new trend with little data.


Well, it’s not the number of points currently in it, it’s the maximum number of points it’ll store. For example, a 1 week trend that’s recording 1 sample an hour only needs 154 points total, so we don’t draw the navigator. We can draw the whole data set at once, so it isn’t necessary.

That works.
Thanks for the clarification!