Wrong module placement

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the groov epic. I physically connect the module IMA-24 at the position 0 but the brain read it at position 8. I attached some photos to prove this.

What could be the problem?


How is it configured in PAC Control (or Codesys)?
When you download the strategy it will over write whats in groov Manage.

Are you running the latest firmware 3.4.4b-128? If not update it, and also make sure your modules have the latest firmware.

Thanks for your support.
I re-downloaded the correct strategy and loaded the latest firmware but I didn’t fix the problem.

I’m still not sure if you have the module in the correct positions in the PAC Control strategy, but the only other thing I can think is that perhaps the controller was not installed on the rack correctly and you may have bent some pins at the bottom of the controller.

The only way to check is to remove the two screws from the controller and gently pull it straight up away from the rack. Do NOT peel the controller in any other direction, just straight up gently.
Check all the rows of pins on the bottom of the controller carefully for any that might be bent over.

Remember, when installing the controller lower it slowly down over the power supply ensuring that the slot in the controller aligns with the slot on the power supply.
Pause just as the controller touches the rack and wiggle the controller very gently over the rack socket so the controller pins can center and seat on the rack socket.
Then push the controller straight down.

If there are no bent pins, then you have an issue with the PAC Control strategy and will need to email our support team to help get the module to show up in the correct location.