Write or read from Node-Red to PAC

Hello, I have 2 EPIC-PR1’s.
In Epic#1, I have two separate tank levels that are in a DataStore.
I would like Epic#2 to be able to have those values as well to use in PAC Control.
I am not sure the best way to accomplish this.

I am currently trying to use a PAC_Write Node in Epic#1’s Node-Red to write the data to Epic#2’s PAC strategy variable, but I keep getting the error “UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE” on the PAC write node.

I have downloaded and installed Epic#1’s self-signed cert into Epic#2, and vice versa.

Since you are using PACControl the easiest way to setup peer to peer communication is using the EPIC Scratchpad. You can Write or Read from one controller to the other.

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So, I should setup Epic#1 to write the data to its own scratchpad, and then retrieve the data from Epic#2 using the ‘Get I/O Unit Scratch Pad Float Element’ in Epic#2’s PAC strategy?

How can I put the data in Epic#1’s scratch pad? Can this be accomplished via Node-Red or does it need to be done in the PAC strategy on Epic#1?

Sorry for my confusion here, some elements of PAC Control are still foreign to me.

Don’t need Node-Red.
EPIC #1 - you can write data to its scratchpad OR write to EPIC#2 scratchpad
EPIC#2 - you can read data from EPIC#1 scratchpad OR read from its scratchpad (after EPIC1 wrote to it).
For Example: Write (SET) Level value to index 10 of Float Scratchpad in EPIC#1 then have EPIC#2 Read (GET) EPIC#1 Scratchpad Float index 10 to get data.

Suggest you look at PACControl (or manual) under IO UNIT-SCRATCHPAD commands which have examples of Reading / Writing individual indexes or transfer with tables.


Just setup the scratchpad write and read. It was super simple and easy, no extra configuration. Thank you!

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