Wrap text in PAC Display

Is there any way to display a string from the control engine in PAC Display split accross more than one line? I’ve used OptoScript to include CR and LF characters, and while they are present when I examine the ASCII for the string, they don’t DO anything in the window - the text stubbornly remains on one line, until it exceeds the window size.

While we’re at it, the ability to wrap text in STATIC text boxes would also be extremely helpful.

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Many users break long strings into shorter ones. If you are already parsing them to add the CR+LF then consider just moving that segment into a string of its own.

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The “break long strings into shorter strings” isn’t the hard part. It’s where to PUT them.

It’s incredibly unwieldy to have to define “text box 1”, “text box 2”, “text box 3”, “text box 4”, etc, then write code to loop through the block of text and assign the first 80 characters to the first text box, the second 80 characters to the second box, etc. That isn’t something I should need to be doing in 2023.

I understand that auto-text wrapping may be a bridge too far (although… really?), but simply recognizing line breaks shouldn’t be that big an ask, since tool tips already do.

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I think it’s a totally reasonable expectation that text in boxes should be able to wrap–in 2023. I’m sorry it’s not already a thing in PAC Display.

This is one of those legacy limitations of PAC Display’s rendering system that hasn’t changed since OptoDisplay. The underpinning Windows GUI framework that it uses does not natively support text-wrapping. So, that ability will need to be thoughtfully implemented.

With respect to the tooltips, that uses a separate library specific for rendering tooltips.

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