Work Around for moving Data from GROOV to SoftPac

Hi Optonians,

I’ve hit somewhat of a wall with one of my clients who insists on using SoftPac over a controller and wants his data visible in Opto Display.

They have recently installed 3rd party software in one of their plant rooms which uses the Delta PLC and Modbus TCP. I have successfully managed to link to the registers and used GROOV to pull the data from their PLC. I obviously used GROOV due to ease of use thinking I would just pump the data back into PAC using Node Red.

SoftPac does not support RestFul (yet). Does anyone perhaps know of another “simple” method for me to move the data from GROOV into PAC? Bearing in mind SoftPac is being used.

I am not keen on going through the clunky process of linking to the DELTA plc via Modbus TCP in PAC Project due to them (DELTA) being the master. The system needs to read and write certain registers.


I don’t know of any simple ways… Other smarter people might chime in here.

It might be easier to use datalink or PAC Control to pull the data directly using modbus TCP. Alternatively, I think you can use Node Red to export to a file and then import that file into PAC Control using datalink.

It is a rather clunky process…

nobody? :frowning:

Any ideas when SoftPac will include RestFul?

Any ideas when SoftPac will include RestFul?

It’s not planned anytime soon. I’m pinging some people around the office (I’m not super knowledgeable with PAC) to see what options there are.

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Have you considered using the Modbus Integration Kit for PAC Control? It will allow SoftPAC to be the Modbus/TCP Master or Slave.

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REST in SoftPAC would be nice - I kind of expected it to be there, but it isn’t - I suspect because of the web interface for setup part is missing.

I agree with Mr_Bill, that the Modbus kit, while a bit clunky, would be the best solution here.

I’m not sure what you mean by the DELTA PLC being the “master” while at the same time you pulled data from it into groov - that doesn’t add up.

A nitpick - Modbus TCP is client/server not master/slave

thanks gents, I will explore the options and post back on method used.