With PROFIBUS DP communication interface

Several converters are equipped with PROFIBUS DP communication interface. I use the R1 controller. What is a good way to get the operation parameters of the converter through this interface? Use SNAP-SCM-485 module? But there is no communication protocol.

Perhaps this is more of a question to the person who has sold you the PROFIBUS DP converter. It really can be converting it to anything both hardware and software wise. Perhaps the easiest option is Modbus, which everyone apart from Siemens accepts as a common industrial standard.

Be careful if using the inbuilt RS232 port on the R1 controller. It does not have a very big communications buffer and if you get some strange voltage pickup on the cabling, you can end up blowing up your SNAP-PAC-R1 controller. Rack mounted SNAP comms modules provide optical Isolation and dedicated processors for communications handling.

BTW. You could save on the external converter and an RS232 / 422/ 485 SNAP communications module by directly buying a SNAP-SCM-PROFI module for your R1 rack. Heres a link to the relevant datasheet SNAP-SCM-PROFI Communication Module

Although as usual with everything Profibus, you either have to be German or a bit of a Siemens guru to get it working. Here is a link to the Opto22 technical documentation for starters. OPTO22 PROFIBUS-DP Master Software


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Thank you for your reply.
This is an old pump station renovation project, there is no way to change the equipment. There are Schneider and SIEMENS inverter. Schneider has MODBUS interface, and its communication with R1 controller has been completed by using SNAP-SCM-485 module. SIEMENS didn’t know how to deal with it. Thank you for your guidance.
The information you have told me has been downloaded and seen. Next, I should get in touch with SIEMENS’s technical support to get the GSD file of the converter, right? Look at the trouble.

Yep. When connecting Profibus compatible devices to the “Real World”, its all about the GSD file.

Not surprised Siemens provided no assistance. They are still firmly convinced that Profibus was Siemens “gift to the world” and cannot understand why anyone would want to use anything else. Well maybe ProfiNet these days, which is also “Hergestellt in Deutschland“ (Made in Germany“).

In short, you don’t have be German to enjoy working with Siemens, but it helps!

If you already have a SNAP-SCM-485 module installed and communicating Modbus on port 0, you might find the following device interesting. HD67562 Profibus Slave to Modbus Slave Converter from www.adfweb.com. I have used their products to convert different and obscure protocols to Modbus for integration into Opto22 PAC systems and can confirm their products as reliable, easy to set up and pretty good value

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Thank you very much. This HD6752 is exactly what I need.
Using SNAP-SCM-PROFI modules to communicate directly with VFD is too complicated for me. That requires an expert in PROFIBUS DP communications.:sweat_smile:

I read the information about HD67562, which is very suitable for my project.
There are several questions to ask.
1, I have 5 units with DP interface VFD, then I need five HD67562, right?
2. After I install and configure HD67562, I can use the MODBUS command to read and write the corresponding registers. The rest of the work is done automatically by HD67562, right?
3, I drew a sketch. Is that so?
Thank you again for your help!