Wish-Ability to force a refresh on clients

I wish there was a way to force a refresh on active clients from the program or admin pages. This would be nice to be able to push the updated groov pages to clients that are always on.

Yeah, that’d be nice. We’ve experimented a bit with pushing updates to clients, but some things need a rework before it’d be robust enough to ship.

You can’t just force a web page refresh? (I admittedly don’t know much about web programming.)

We could, and we do if we notice that the server has been upgraded underneath us, but a full page refresh is pretty slow. A decent number of folks already wish our page load time was faster, so I don’t want to force full refreshes if I can avoid it.

Wait. Are we talking about the same thing?
I want to be able to push a page refresh out to the client pcs (people viewing/using the groov pages) when I change/update gadgets on our groov. I just want a one time push when I finish the changes. Otherwise I have to go out and manually refresh the groov pages on (potentially) 60+ screens.

Yes, we’re talking about the same thing.

I generally don’t like resurrecting old threads, but I wanted to point out that as of groov View R3.5a, page updates do get pushed to clients automatically. So for those of you with kiosks running on TVs that you really don’t want to have to run out and refresh, it shouldn’t be a worry anymore.