Wireless HART Interface?

I had two questions.

First, does Opto 22 have any plans for Wireless HART interfaces in the near future? If not, tell the engineers to get to work. :smile:

Second, has anyone out there managed to interface current wireless HART technology with Opto 22 equipment? If so I would like to hear how you did it. Feel free to send me links or whatever you have.

I’m excited about this new technology as it has the potential to reduce installation costs and expand system flexibility in water plants; as always I enjoy working on the bleeding edge of technology. Speaking of new tech, I’m loving the IIoT addons in Opto 22 products, it’s paradise!

I look forward to your guidance and thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hi David,

Thanks for the kind words on IIoT which I’m assuming you mostly mean our RESTful APIs? Having just come from Hawaii, I’m not sure I’d called them “paradise,” but I’m glad they make you happy! How are you using them?

As you probably know, our HART module requires your HART device to be wired to the module. But I do find some gateways like this one from Emerson which can talk to your Wiresless HART stuff, then connect to groov/PAC via Modbus. Might that work for you? What all are you connecting? Do share!
Mahalo & Aloha,