Windows Backgound

Has anyone made any nice Opto 22 desktop backgrounds? I’ve searched around but didn’t find any.

the OS is windows 10. I searched around but didn’t see any. I’m forced to use Siemens and Allen Bradley (with tons of hardware failures) but have been using Opto 22 for over 20 years (with only a single failure) and just wanted to rub it in a bit.


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You’re my kinda person! We’ll see what we can dig up and get back to you asap.
Happy Holidays!

Hi, @tjcrusher! Here are two images. I have another one, but it’s too big to upload to the Forum. If you PM me your email address, I’ll email it to you.

Is it ok to use Opto22’s logo to make other background images? Or is that restricted?

Hi, @Drenton:
I got an official answer for you:

You’re welcome to use the Opto 22 logo to make your own background images, as long as they are not distributed for sale. If you want to use the Opto 22 logo in a commercial application, please send it to us first so we can make sure it follows our corporate logo usage standards.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year!
Gray Church
Opto 22 Tech Writer

Here’s another background:

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