Windows 7 Professional and OPTO 22 RUN ON BOOT Issue

Dear Sir:

I tried to have my OPTO PAC 9.3 program (PAC DISPLAY RUNTIME) run when windows 7 professional boots up.

The program boots up fine using XP OS.

I have attached the Windows error message in a screenshot.

Can anyone advise on how to remedy this problem?

Thank you for your time.

I tried to attach the file, I don’t believe it worked. So I uploaded the file, you may need to copy the file into the “PAINT” program and then zoom in to read the error message. I tried to attach the file, oh well, I hope this is readable.


Please look at page 330 of the PAC Display Users Guide (Doc #1702).



Dear Mr. Orchard;

   I went to page 330 of the PAC Display User's Guide.   There wasn't any information relevant to Windows 7 Professional O/S or any version of Windows 7 for that matter.

   There was a section about changing the windows registry.    I didn't see the referenced item that was set forth in the manual.

   Before I start fiddling with the registry I was wondering if you could tell me what the OptoDispLS.exe program does (See the uploaded image I posted)? Also, I did a typical installation of the PAC 9.3 bundle and I am scratching my head wondering why this program was not installed?   

   Do you have any information available about how this happened, or what I can do to remedy this condition?

   Thank you for your reply.


Here is a screen shot of page 330 of the PAC Display Users Guide;

Please know that the manuals are installed on your computer.
Start -> All Programs -> Opto 22 -> Pac Project 9.3 -> Manuals.

When I read your first post, I went to the Pac Display Users Guide and did a search for ‘start’.
This lead me to the solution for your post.



Dear Mr. Orchard;

  My apologies for my last post.    I probably looked at an older version of the same manual, or the wrong manual. 

  I am not at work right now to try the fix at the computer that uses Windows 7 Professional.    Therefore, I am going to get back to about this topic.    A few days ago, I tried the original instructions to complete the "run on boot" task on the XP operating system which is my personal laptop O/S and the error message that references OptoDispLS.exe never came up.   On XP there were no problems.    

  This is a Windows 7 issue.   More o/s protection = more issues.   Oh, the joys of debugging.

  I will write back to you soon and thank you for your post.

Dear Mr. Orchard;

  I didn't want to leave you the impression that I don't read the manuals.  I do read the manuals.   I am very happy that you uploaded page 330 of the manual, or there would have been a lot unnecessary replies, and, at the end of the day there would have been a misunderstanding between us and I would have felt very embarrassed.  Since you took the extra effort to upload the picture, this eliminated the possibility of a lot of unnecessary replies and I would like to thank you for your efforts.   

  I didn't realize that your company writes a different manual but with the same title for every version of the PAC software your company outputs.    I am uploading a page 330 from a different version of the "PAC Display User's Guide. "

  I am going to be very careful now when I read OPTO22 manuals I didn't realize that the manuals may have the same title but the contents are all unique.   

   Again, I would like to apologize for my oversight.  

   <img src="/uploads/db0433/original/1X/4ac19cb0abcb881d1c6bdd7530f01e8723d5180d.jpg" width="666" height="500"><br/> 

You may have to cut and paste this image onto your desktop and then load the page in Windows Paint to read it. I have to learn how to upload images so that they are presented in a larger format. I will be working on this.

Dear Mr. Orchard:

 Today, I installed the PAC 9.3 Software package on a computer running Windows 7 Professional and something unusual happened.    The file, OptoDispLS.exe, was nowhere to be found in the Windows System32 folder.

 This particular computer I was working on was not connected to the internet.   Can you tell me if this has ever happened before?

 My remedy to this problem was to copy the OptoDispLS.exe file from one computer and paste the file in the Windows System32 folder.  Can you tell me if this remedy is appropriate?  Or, is there a more reliable solution?

 Thank you for your past posts.


Internet connectivity is not required.

I would simply let the installer do its job.

On Win 7 and Win 8 systems you will find OptoDispLS.exe installed where its supposed to be; c:/windows/SysWOW64
Microsoft changed where stuff is supposed to be put from XP and Win7 and Win8.
The installer detects your OS and copies the files where the OS needs them to be.


Thank you for your great reply.

Sincerest Regards

sysWOW64 I think is where old 32bit ‘system 32’ folder gets relocated on 64bit systems. This confused me for a bit as well until I was told. You’ll find the OptoCom dir under here as well