Wind speed, direction, rh, bp, precip?


Hi All
Running a Groov Epic or R1, or Brain, what equipment would you recommend for setting up wind speed at all locations with a R1 or brain, and a full Weather station at the Groov location? I am familiar with Davis and Campbell, doesnt have to be cimis approved gear, and scripting?

And maybe a quake shaker? With or without pi’s?



I have used a wind speed unit from Texas Electronics with good success.
Direct digital output from wind speed unit wired to DC high speed input on a rack with a EB1 Brain


Burt, what is a quake shaker? Google did not find what I suspected.

Regarding wind speed, what @Ride_Tech linked to looks good. I know there are some wind speed indicators that output an analog (0 to 10v) voltage and these would work as well. (With less math).
Here is just one example;


Hello BenO
It was a raspberry Shake? Love the low cost unit you had, so the intent was to have wind speed where there is a R1 or brain so we could track wind speed and direction,



Ah, Ok, the is a seismograph so great for earthquakes, but not so much for wind speed or direction.

Sounds like you are putting together a pretty interesting station.


Thanks, we will see, farming and weather?? It is fascinating stuff,