Wifi and Cellular for the GROOV-AR1

Hi guys and girls,

Have you looked at the possibility of incorporating wifi and/or cellular modem into the AR1?

With my latest installation we were in a massive production factory (about 800m in length) where safety and rules well, ruled.

We could not lay any cable or pick our noses without being asked to complete a bible of paperwork.

We eventually used excellent wifi AP’s between 4 different positions throughout the factory to get our comms working and minimise cable costs. This got me thinking, I have many more ideas of installing the unit on very remote locations. Without having to go and purchase an extra cellular modem and yucking up the installation it would have been great to have the ability to just install my own sim card into the AR1.

Anything in the pipeline?


In those scenarios I would use a cradle point - I don’t think there would be a whole lot of demand for this to be built in - also with the cradle point you could have other devices in the cabinet sharing the connection.

Edit - for wifi - I believe that some USB to wifi adapters are supported.

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Yup, most folks use Cradlepoints, and we use them for our demos as well.

The AR1 does support these USB Wifi adapters as well:

• Netis WF2119S
• Netis WF2116
• Rosewill RNX-N150UBE
• Patriot Memory PCUSBW1150

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Thanks for the useful info guys. Appreciate it